if you ever have a world, plan ahead. don’t eat it.

2017, janeiro 16, segunda-feira

[lwaxana troi, 10’39”] now, if we’re to be real friends, we’ve got to share only the truth.

[[alexander rozhenko, 11’04”] why?

[lwaxana troi, 11’05”] well, for one thing, it’s easier. when you tell the truth, you never have to remember later what you lied about. but mostly, a true friend is a person you can always tell the truth to without worrying about it.


[malabarista, 13’52”] hello. a few of us are just gathering together for our laughing hour. would you care to come laugh with us?


[alexander rozhenko, 14’17”] do you ever drop one?

[malabarista, 14’24”] oh, no. no, no, these are my worlds. i protect them. i am a master of worlds, and they fly only as i wish.


[lwaxana troi, 17’00”] every one of us has a thousand different kinds of… of little people inside of us. and some of them want to get out and be wild, and some want to be sad or happy or inventive or… or even just go dancing. that’s why we all have so many different urges at different times. and all those different little people inside of us… we must never be afraid to take them with us, wherever we go. i mean, who knows when we may need one of them to pop up and rescue us from ourselves?


[lwaxana troi, 17’37”] the great secret is not the variety of life, it’s the variety of us.


[lwaxana troi, 24’23] i’m alone, alex. and when you do get older and can no longer pick and choose from whatever may come your way… the you, uh, then you do what we call a compromise. it keeps you from being afraid.


[alexander rozhenko, 34’22”] what happened?

[malabarista, 34’25”] well, i was just juggling, and i happened to… catch one in my mouth. it tasted goog, so i ate it. before i knew it i’d eaten up every one of my worlds. it never occured to me that onde they were gone, i’d have nothing left to juggle. if you ever have a world, plan ahead. don’t eat it.


[43’43” lwaxana troi] isn’t it wonderful how things worked out, alexander? i wanted to teach you how to grab the joys of living. and then you turned around and… uh… and taught me to not let go of them. how very mutual.”

[44’10” deanna troi] we still have to learn how to live in the real world, mother. all of us.

[44’14” lwaxana troi] she’s absolutely right, alexander, but only when necessary.


Cost of Living” é o 12oº episódio de Star Trek: The Next Generation. É o 2oº episódio da quinta temporada. Dirigido por Winrich Kolbe e escrito por Peter Allan Fields

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