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night birds

2017, janeiro 20, sexta-feira

Chet Baker with Enrico Pieranunzi – Night Bird (Chet Baker recording from January 1980. Composition by the italian pianist Enrico Pieranunzi. Chet Baker- Trumpet)

Chet Baker- Trumpet
Enrico Pieranunzi – Piano
Maurizio Giammarco – Tenor Sax
Ricardo Del Fra – Bass
Roberto Gatto – Drums



2017, janeiro 15, domingo

hqdefault (2)

Jethro Tull – Conundrum (Instrumental)  (Martin Barre / Barriemore Barlow)


Frank Sinatra – The Nearness of You

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – The Nearness Of You

Sarah Vaughan – The Nearness Of You

Norah Jones – The Nearness Of You

Rod Stewart – The Nearness Of You

Johnny Hartman – The Nearness Of You

The Nearness Of You // Why do I just wither and forget all resistance / When you and your magic pass by / My heart’s in a dither dear / When you’re at a distance / But when you are near, oh my… / It’s not the pale moon that excites me / That thrills and delights me / Oh no / Its just the nearness of you / It isn’t your sweet conversation / That brings this sensation / Oh no / Its just the nearness of you / When you’re in my arms / And I feel you so close to me / All my wildest dreams / Came true / I need no soft lights to enchant me / If you’ll only grant me / The right / To hold you ever so tight / And to feel in the night / The nearness of you /// written in 1938 by Hoagy Carmichael and Ned Washington, for the Paramount film Romance in the Dark

in spaceships, they won’t understand

2017, janeiro 7, sábado

e o sábado já começou.

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«… / last night she said / oh, baby, don’t feel so down / oh it turns me off / when i feel left out. / so i, i turned ‘round / oh, baby, i’m gonna be all right / it was a great big lie / ‘Cuz i left that night, yeah / and, people they don’t understand / no, girlfriends, they won’t understand / in spaceships, they won’t understand / and me, i ain’t never gonna understand / …»

Last Nite / Composição Julian Casablancas


aproveitando o sol na casa oito, e a lua na casa doze.